Absima RTR 1:14 Tryggy 4WD Black/Green #14002


Artikelnummer: AB14002

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  • Water-resistant electronic
  • Incl. car batteries and USB charging cable 
  • Speed up to 36 KM/H
  • All spare parts available
  • Nice handling – perfect fro beginners
Completely ball bearing mounted
2.2kg Steering Servo
Front & rear differentials
Complete covered transmission 
Gears made from extreme durable nylon material
Pinion made from copper 
Independent suspension system
High performance 390 Motor and speed controller
Front CVD drive shafts 
Range aprox. 60m
Drive time: aprox. 16 Minutes
Aluminum cardan shafts 
Adjustable speed via remote control
Overheat protection 
Incl. 2.4GHz radio system
Nice detailed body design
Overcharge & Over-discharge Protection
2x 3.7V 1500mAh Li-Ion Car Battery
“Saddle Pack” battery layout for a perfect weight distribution  


Car size: (L/W/H): 292 x 210 x 126 mm
Weight: 795g (w/o batteries)
Wheelbase: 190 mm
Chassis Clearance: 35 mm
Tire Width: 40 mm
Wheel Ø: ± 80 mm
Shock Oil Viscosity : n.a.
Shock Spring Force: Medium
Shock Instalation Length: 65 mm front/rear