Fenix 1:10 Classique 2- Sphere Diff. + Lotus 49 Body #CL2004-SD


Artikelnummer: CL2004-SD

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“Classique 2” inherited the legacy of Classique.
Biggest improvement, is now the ability to use the most popular Lipo, from Super Shorty, to Shorty to LCG Shorty.
Another remarkable improvement is now a simpler rear end, where the torsion setting is handled via a single setup screw, replacing the damper and springs system used on the previous version.
Rear end feature a narrower track, for a better track grip.
Typical 60’s short wheelbase is retained.
Of course, Classique 2 is fully compatible to the existing Fenix Classique bodies.

Classique is a whole different racing concept!

No wing, no Frills!

To enjoy a more gentleman driving stile!

Tires not included

Electronics not included


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