Team Magic 1:10 4WD Tourwagen E4JS II #TM507003


Artikelnummer: TM507003



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At Team Magic we don’t think only to the top competitors, but also about the club racers and casual drivers, who race for pleasure and friendly competition without having to pay out excessive sums to have high quality material nor have to spend hours of maintenance between two days of training.

For these drivers, we have created the E4JS II which is based on the ultra performant E4RS II and E4RS II Evo platforms, which have already more that proven their ability in competition.

To lower the costs, we did not compromise the quality of the materials, nor the quality of the kit. We opted to reduce the development costs by using what we already had from the E4RS II and E4RS II EVO models, using existing parts such as the E4JR and E4JS shock absorbers and created of a new type of carbon which we called “Eco-Graphite”.

The new parts (upper and lower bulkheads, centre layshaft mounts, steering bellcrank) are realized in the same “HARD” plastic which has already showen its ability on the E4RS II and E4RS II EVO (arms, uprights and steering blocks).

The features inherited frome the E4RS II EVO:

Team Magic utilised numerous elements and parts of the E4RS II EVO to create the E4JS II, which is so in no way a touring car of reduced quality.

-Identical suspension geometry to the E4RS II EVO
-Centred and aligned weight
-Perfectly symmetric Flex
-Central flex points and 3D Flex system (optional)
-HARD suspension arms, uprights and caster blocks
-ST hardened steel suspension shaft
-7075 Aluminium hard-coated spur gear holder
-Low-Friction belts
-Adjustable belt tension via eccentrics
-Gear differential with 4 composite gears
-Quick release battery holder
-Low Friction ball bearings
-Ultra free pivot balls and ball cups with minimized play
-Heavy duty body posts
-High density foam bumper
-1.9 Internal Ratio

Team Magic E4JS II new features:

-NEW – Narrow 2.3mm ECO-Graphite chassis
-NEW – 2.0mm ECO-Graphite upper deck
-NEW – 3.0mm ECO-Graphite shock towers
-NEW – High quality constant volume shock absorbers
-NEW – Matched and optimized shock springs for TC
-NEW – HARD plastic lower bulkheads
-NEW – HARD plastic upper bulkheads
-NEW – HARD plastic ball raced steering bell crank
-NEW – 7075 Aluminium motor mount compatible with brushless and brushed motors
-NEW – HARD plastic centre layshaft mounts
-NEW – High Quality 48DP spur gear
-NEW – Steel differential outdrives for an extreme durability
-NEW – Universal driveshafts